Durke At no charge to the customer, A.A.L. management and staff use our professional marketing strategy to attract the largest number of potential bidders and to insure enthusiastic buying motivation at the auction. Tools used by A.A.L. to market assets:

There are many companies offering the auction method of marketing, attempting to "cash in" on the popularity of auction marketing. Choosing the right company can make or break the return on assets auctioned and your reputation. Our Affiliated Auctioneers Team has been involved in some of the largest and most successful real estate auctions in the nation, including commercial and residential property, Affordable Housing, and commercial, residential and agricultural land. Our Team also has experience in personal property sales, including business liquidations, bankruptcies, industrial and heavy machinery and many other types of assets. We understand how to develop different strategies to reach the target market for the particular type of property being sold.


Auctions are especially beneficial in the following situations

Everyone Benefits from the Auction Method!

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Combines traditional auctioneering with Internet bidding technology Offers comprehensive administration tools for quick access prides itself on providing customers with an exceptional turn-key customer support solution’s customer support center